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880 and 101. a man has died after he was found tied up on a city street. he was unconscious when he was found bound and gagged in the middle of a street on bay view district. a woman was tied up on bros l street. sanpolice have no motive or suspect at this time. vallejo police are searching for a 77-year-old man after his family reported him missing yesterday. philip manningly was called to service a boat the night before he was reported missing. he's 6-foot tall, about 200 pounds with hazel eyes and surgery marks on his left arm. they eventually had to call off the search due to rough currents and plan to resume later today. other bay area headlines an
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accident on the caltrainses track, hit a car around 6:00 last night at the 16th near the caltrain depot. nobody was hurt but northbound tracks were shut down well into the evening as the car was removed and inspectors were checking out the equipment to make sure it was okay, and one more chance for people to tell the city manager what she should look for in a new police chief. the last of four community meetings is at 6:30 tonight. san jose's next police chief will come from outside the city because no one in the department has applied for the job just yet. time is 4:32. let's get a longer check of the weather. >> we shall. >> how was your weekend. >> it was great, i did a lot of sleeping, got a no sleep last night. >> we missed you. >> lawrence is off today, so
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we're filling in here at the weather desk. so far so good. if you like yesterday, dry and mild, you'll like today as well. scrolling are through some of the weather cameras across the bay area, you'll see mostly clear skies. here's a live look at downtown san francisco through the financial district, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. oakland at 58 degrees. low 50s in san jose. what's in store for the rest of the day. we have a pretty strong ridge of high pressure and it's been building since other the weekend. it continues into today through the afternoon. we'll be keeping temperatures mainly in the 60s for the most part. mid- to upper 60s by this afternoon, and once again, we have some big changes coming up by about midweek, so you'll notice this wednesday forecast. we have a good chance of rain moving across the bay area and things again remain unsettled through the weekend coming about friday night into saturday. we'll talk more about this
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coming up. in the meantime, traffic on this monday morning. we just got word of a trouble spot involving a big rig that may have took out some power lines on fair month between 580 and lake shaboe . try toe avoid the intersection. san leandro, 580 and lake shaboe. elsewhere we have road work, southbound 101 through marin county. you may see road work there headed toward the golden gate bridge. 880 as well, both directions through oakland, various areas where there are road work conditions there, and 101 the peninsula, we have caltran there as well. very busy. a super star is presumed dead after her plane crashed in mexico. >> ♪
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>> a small carrying mexican american singer deni rivera went down shortly after take off. 7 people were believed to be on that train. her california's driver's license has been found at the crash sight. this morning her brother is heading to medical mexico to identify her remains. she had just performed a concert in monterey. >> it's a big shock to the family. for those who knew my sister. she was a strong person, fight for everything in life. >> she recently divorced esteban who once played for the oakland a's. she was named mix coe's artist of the year. nelson mandela are in the
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hospital this morning. a statement over the weekend reported that the 94-year-old hero had been admitted to a military hospital for tests and he was comfort. mandela became south africa's first black president in 1954. a 14-year-old boy was stabbed near san jose's christmas in the park over the weekend. officers getting this call just before 9:00 on saturday night. the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses say three suspects in their teens or early 20s ran from the scene and police are still looking for them. >> just here for the kids and the people that want to have a good christmas. not here for people who come out and start fights. if you guys are going to start fights, don't come down here. leave it to the kids. >> police believe the attack
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was gang related. police found a 43-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds in front of his home just before eleven on saturday night. investigators are still looking for the shooter and a motive. police have not released the name of the victim. today is sentenced day for gisele esteban, he faces at least 25 years in prison for first-degree murder. le's body was found four months after she disappeared from a hospital. esteban was said to have killed her in a jealous rage over a man. the man accused of killing sierra lamon. and torrez has been accused of three other attempted kidnappings. the incident took place in safeway parking parking lots. a vallejo radio station is off the air for the third time
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this year. vandals have kit the community station kczt. it's only available online because of the sight. the station's operator is trying to understand why. >> we are a community radio station. we talk about local events. the second phase is to bolster nonprofits. we're talking about things that are happening in valet o hoe -- vallejo. >> he wonders if it may be racially motivated. a meeting this morning could determine whether you have fresh crab anytime soon. crabbers will meet at 10:00 in san francisco to plan their next move. they've been on strike since whole sailers tried to -- wholesalers tried to cut the price. it was hard to find crash at the crash festival at fisherman wharf. >> do you have any crash left? >> no, don't.
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we're all out. >> it doesn't sound like much. crabbers were getting $3 a pound when the season started. wholesalers want to cut that by as much as 75-cents. there's one step needed to end the labor dispute between the port of oakland and its union. they have ratified a new four year contract. and it goes to the board for approval. the tentative agreement includes a 2 .5% cost of living raise. the workers went on a 24 hour strike that disrupted port operations. it has been a brisk holiday shopping season this far and it's time to ship the gifts. fedex gearing up for its busiest day of the year. 19million packages are expected to be shipped. most of the increase in shipment is because of a jump in online holiday orders. >> that reminds me i have a lot
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to ship out. president obama and house speaker john boehner met one on one yesterday. are they any closer to a deal on the fiscal cliff. and dr. j's the center of the royal hoax break their silence. and hoveling villagers -- and how villagers in india help rescue this massive elephant. this holiday, share everything.
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forest officials and villags worked together to rescue oe . it is a happy ending for three elephants in india. they were trapped in a big mud pit here. the adult male had been there for three days before receiving medicine and vitamins. in another part of india, a female and a calf fell into an open well in the out skirts of the village. a mother struggled to to get them out of before an earth
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mover got them out. they weigh a lot. >> they do. it takes a lot of work and effort to rescue the elephants. weather wise, you came back on a lovely day, didn't you. >> did you guys like yesterday. >> yesterday was good. >> we're going to hit ditto on yesterday. we have some high pressure continue to go build in. we've got this finger nail looking moon happening right now over the bay area, so a pretty cool stuff. it's a live look from the roof cam and temperatures still a lot of 40s and 50s out the door right now. by this afternoon we're going to see a return o of the sunshine. mild. if you liked yesterday, once again it's going to be a similar story today. maybe a couple degrees cooler but not by much. a lot of mid to upper 60s. it's because of high pressure. we have a big ridge of it building over the bay area. things are going to change over the next couple of days.
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we'll show you future cast. widowing our thumbs throughout the day. and we have this area of low pressure. it is coming from the north and moving towards the bay area. it looks like it's going to quickly move out of here by wednesday afternoon. keeping us dry by thursday. and doesn't look like a whole lot of rainfall with that system. probably a half inch or less in the bay area. 66 in oakland, 63 in vallejo. 67 degrees if you're out in santa rosa. 67 in san jose. any travel plans this week, today looks good out of sfo. not a whole lot of of fog out there. high of 63 degrees by later on this afternoon. and checking airports all around the country. looks like a wet start in houston, chicago and new york city staying dry in denver. 36 degrees is the forecasted
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high in denver this afternoon. here's a look at the forecast over the next several days. tuesday into wednesday things get unsettled in the the bay area and we have slight chance of rain. doesn't look like a whole lot in either system. but a good idea to pack your umbrella. that is a check of your forecast. we're following a developing situation out of san leandro where a big rig may have hilt power lines and we have getting word this big rig may be on fair. this is on fairmont between 580 and lake chabot. we have news crew coming out to the scene for new information and in the meantime expect closures and delays. fairmont between 580 and lakes chabot. caltrans is busy this morning. northbound 880. is and on the upper deck of the bay bridge, road work there, one lane shut down as you head
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into the san francisco. on the lower deck no troubles but later on today they have roadwork that should get under way until 8:00. hopefully no delays. should be quiet through the midday. south 101 out of marin county. road work around san rafael. heading towards the golden gate bridge, or or 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza, no clays. and most of the road work not causing too many are problems l. northbound 880 quiet. and caltrans has cones set up in and around the area. be careful there. in your world this morning, a u.s. military member was killed yesterday while rescuing a colorado springs doctor kidnapped by the taliban. insurgents captured dalij joseph outside of coo kabul.
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president obama is praising the operation and the departed service members for their efforts. protesters continue to demonstrate outside the presidential palace in cairo. opponents are calling for a boycott scheduled for saturday. they say the new constitution was pushed through the. mohammed morsi has ordered security during the ref republican demonstrate. two office -- referendum. and the dj,s saying they're sorry that a hospital employee has taken her life over the prank call. >> i'm devastated for them. i'm feeling for them. >> it's a shocking turn of e.s. if we had any idea that something like this could be even possible to happen, you
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know, we couldn't see this happening. it was meant to be a prank call. >> kate middleton is suffering morning sickness once again but she is not expected to return to the hospital for it. with one teammate dead and another accused of killing him, this sunday's victory is bittersweet for the dallas cow boys. an hour after the emotional win, josh brent was released from jail. present was driving drunk early saturday when he lost control of his 2007 mercedes killing passenger jerry browne. >> there was a feeling of numbness out on the field today but somehow they focused it and we figured out a way to win the ball game. >> there was a moment of silence before the game and brown's jersey was faced on the bench. the cowboys are standing by brent. if convicted he faces a minimum of two years behind bars. same sex couples began tieing the knot legally over the weekend up in washington
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state. >> and there we go, voter legalized it last month and yesterday was the first day marriage ceremonies could be performed. more than 1000 same sex couples have received marriage licenses in counties all across washington. courthouses in some cities even began performing ceremonies at midnight on saturday. washington, maine and maryland became the first states to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. it's up to president obama and house speaker john boehner to strike a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. they met face to face yesterday and susan mcginnis tells us the chances may be better with two people doing the negotiating. >> reporter: president obama leaves dc today headed to michigan to talk to auto workers, part of his strategic
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to gain support. the president and house speaker john boehner met one on one. no details were leaked, we know the main points remain, raising taxes on high earners and cutting programs like medicare. >> they've started to tango. more republicans are accepting the idea that wealthy americans will get a tax rate hike. >> there is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing that we don't have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue before year end. >> reporter: republicans in the house remain opposed to raising taxes on the top 2%. >> the president wants the rate to go up. that doesn't solve the problem. we don't want to be b back here answering the same questions. >> reporter: the deadline is closer than you think. many here on capitol hill say the president and the house speaker need to make a deal by the end of the week in order
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for congress to vote on the bill. >> hopefully it doesn't go to the last day. >> reporter: president obama has asked congress to work through their holiday break if no deal is reached before then. >> both the white house and speaker baner's a office say the line's of communication remain open. the the president will speak to workers at an engine plant near detroit. you may have a little bit more money for the holidays due to gas prices going down. the average price is 3.38. the cheapest in california is 3.42. got to go to stockton into the valley for that. the most expensive down in bakersfield at 3.73. san francisco for once, bakersfield. what's going on there. >> remember a few months ago at $5. today a measure is up for discussion that could increase
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the supply of smoke free rental housing right here in san francisco. >> supervisor eric mar has proposed legislation that would require landlords to designate parking apartment units as smoking or r snot smoking. the san francisco apartment association say it may support an outright ban on smoking. time now is 4:51, the sour taste of a crab shortage, the impact and how bay area restaurants will get on it. which movie ended up back on top for the weekend. and it's all they wanted for christmas, hasan that came through in a big -- hasan how santa came through in a big way for these two little girls. ,,
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welcome back, lots of sunshine expected all across the bay area by this afternoon. highs until the mid- to upper 60s. mild weather won't last long. we have big changes coming as soon as tomorrow. a look at your 7-day forecast coming up. and we're getting reports of a trouble spot on the bay bridge. a broken down vehicle on the incline may slow down traffic. and a big rig fire on 580 and lake chabot and a power line that may be down. more details in a few minutes it's so dramatic isn't it, a photo finish at the box office with james bond moving back to the top spot, edging out santa claus and the easter bunny. sky fall earned $11 million and the rise of the guardian took in 10 1/2 million.
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the twilight saga breaking down part two, lincoln and life of pi ran the top 5. me nora was lit in the -- ma mennorah was hit. jeffrey office of the management budget served as the events special guests. and in san francisco the mayor lit the mennorah in union square. it will continue at 5 except for the 8th and final night of the hanukkah. it will be lit at 3:00 with a second lighting at the westfield mall and a celebration with coo treats as well -- hanukkah treats as well. for two washington state girls, all they wanted was
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daddy. 9-year-old brooklyn and rachel christian san haven't seen their father in nine months. with a little help from mom, santa delivered. >> just wish real hard. >> daddy. >> when i deemployed my wife and i were talking about coming home and doing something special for the girls, kind of surprise them a little bit. >> do you know how much i miss you two. >> they got what they wanted. the christiansan family has been together five of the last twenty months. i'm tearing up. >> nine months is lifetime for those girls. >> i always love the reunion stories. it is 4:57. john mcafee is behind bars but speaking out. what he says about coming back to america. plus a bay area radio
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station is targeted by vandals, the damage done and what the station's manager says might be the motive. and one of the fedex locations here in san francisco, where it's expected to be a record breaking shipping day for the company, how many of your holiday packages are going out? i'll tell you after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man and woman are found bd and gagged. why it's be a bizarre crime in san francisco, a man and a woman are found bound and gagged. why it's being investigated now as a homicide. plus tragedy in mexico after a small plane crash, how family and friends are remembering singing super star jenny rivera. . and we have high pressure, which means sunny skies for today, and we have a good chance of rain by midweek. and we have a big rig fire causing problems in san leandro. good morning everyone, 's

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